It's Been Nine Years Now

On this day in 2013, we lost our Mam-ma, just about a month shy of her 100th birthday. The last few weeks were tough but she lived a long and active life.

She raised one daughter, Lela Nell, who pre-deceased her in 1992, and out-lasted her husband, Tom, who died in 1973. She also out-lasted her partner, Ernie, who died in 2007.

We six grandkids watched out for her, taking turns to visit each week, where we took her shopping, to lunch, or to doctor's appointments. My two youngest sisters took on the largest portion of the tasks and she seemed to demand more of them than the rest of us.

When I visited, we often talked about my genealogy research and she was always interested in what new discoveries I had made. I regret never writing up the history for her. I'm sure in my act of writing I would have discovered more questions to ask.

You are still missed, Mam-ma, but your life and ancestors live on here in this blog.

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