Sunday, January 15, 2017

Happy Blogiversary & Happy 100th Blog Post!

Today is a big milestone.

This is the 100th blog post I have written and the 6th anniversary of the beginning of this blog.

I began the blog on January 15, 2011, through a blog writing class I took at California Genealogical Society, taught by Craig Siulinski. It was something I wanted to do but wasn’t really sure what I would focus on. I finally settled on writing about my grandmother, Pansy Louise Lancaster’s family and this was my first post.

In the beginning it was hard to get started. I learned from the Geneabloggers website, that there were blogging memes I could use and I have done that off and on, especially at the beginning. But I finally learned that what worked best was to write about my discoveries as I researched my grandmother’s family.

So what have I written in six years?

I discovered I have only written four posts specifically about my grandmother:

She was included in other posts:
6 Generations of My Maternal Lineand many of the posts labeled “Johnston Family.”

I have written about many of her ancestors and collateral lines:
  • Coor Family
  • Welch Family
  • Lancaster Family
  • Nixon Family
  • Polly Family
  • Loveless Family
  • Rogers Family

Just click on the labels at the right to see these posts.

The Loveless and Lancaster families have the most posts, 51 for Lancaster and 25 for Loveless.
Of course this is all based on the labels I put when I wrote the posts. In the beginning it was difficult to determine what labels I wanted. I have worked through that, trying to label a post with as many subjects that I might like to sort later in time.

In the past year, since my grandmother died, I have focused more heavily on research and the discussion of what I have learned. I am currently working on Robert Lancaster’s estate in Shelby County, Kentucky and the Lancaster families who lived in Erath County, Texas from newspaper accounts. There will be a continuation of both series in the future.

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  1. Don't shortchange your Johnstons! You have 25 posts about them also.

    1. Yeah, I do! Congratulations on your blog, as well.

  2. Lisa, Congratulations on your 100th blog. I think we started about the same time, and my blogging has tapered to almost nothing. I admire your tenacity in writing and continuing your research---a positive role model for all of us and a wonderful gift to the current and future generations of your family. --Cathy

    1. Thank you, Cathy! It was a great class, wasn't it. I do try to keep up, but I don't as often as I would like.

  3. I started my blog PS Annie! not long after you started yours, 9 Feb 2011. The year that our youngest son left for the US Marine Corps(June 2014), I fell into a depression and only made maybe a handful of posts in all of 2015. I did much better in 2016, now to get the focus back more on genealogy!

    I am so sorry about the loss of your grandmother. Best wishes to you as you work on the research of your family and getting their stories out there.

    Have a blessed day. :)

    1. Thank you, Suzanne for stopping by. I hope you have success this year with your blog!


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