Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Mam-ma 1913-2013

Tonight my grandmother's battle with the kidney failure has ended. I spent most of the day with her as she struggled to breathe. She was pretty much out of it, never opening her eyes when the caregivers performed the every two hour shift to prevent bed sores. I sat with her, holding her hand, and praying. When my sister relieved me at 7 pm, I knew the time was near. I am very glad that she was there at the end. However it is very sad that she will not be celebrating her 100th birthday on November 19th. She had been so looking forward to it and was proud to tell people she was going to be 100.

Hope you are at peace now, Mam-ma, and am enjoying the reunion with your parents, your brothers, and your daughter.

Copyright © 2013 by Lisa Suzanne Gorrell, Mam-ma's Southern Family