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Sunday's Obituary -- Lela Ann Loveless Lancaster

Here is the obituary for Lela Ann Loveless.  Actually it is a write-up about the funeral for Lela Ann.  Here is the transcription:
Obituary for Lela Ann Lancaster

"Attend Funeral for Mrs. W. G. Lancaster"[1]
      Several out-of-town friends and friends of Mrs. Warren G. Lancaster, who died last week, were in Stephenville Sunday for the funeral services. 
     They were:  A daughter, Mrs. Tom Johnson, husband and daughter of Walnut Creek, Calif.; two brothers, W.F. Lancaster and wife, and Earl, both of Slaton;  three sisters and their husbands, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Self and Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Loveless of Fort Worth, and Mr. and Mrs. Walt Fraley of Ropesville. 
     Other relatives were Mr. and Mrs. Jack Lancaster of Seagraves, Mr. and Mrs. Weldon Tudor of Ropesville, and Bill Martin Hester of Midland. 
     Out-of-town friends attending were:  Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Sikes, Jr., Fort Worth;  Mr. and Mrs. W.P. Mongik, Dallas; Babe Southerland, Dallas; W.A. Self, Fort Worth; J.T. Self, Dallas;  E.W. Self, Fort Worth, and Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Self, Fort Worth.
     Mrs. Lancaster's sister and her brothers were unable to attend.
     Pallbearers were Emmet Moon, Oliver Holcomb, Elmo White, Arch Evans, Ernest Smith and H.V. Collins.

Isn't it a shame that nowhere in the article does it state Mrs. W. G. Lancaster's first name or maiden name. In fact, none of the women mentioned in the article have first names unless they were listed without husbands.  There is a major misspelling:  Her daughter, Mrs. Tom Johnson should read Mrs. Tom Johnston.  

The article also implies that her brothers and sisters are listed in the second paragraph but then in the second to last paragraph, states that they were unable to attend.  These brothers and sisters in the second paragraph are actually her husband's siblings.

So let's break down the attendee list, describing who these people are:
  • Mrs. Tom Johnston, husband, and daughter:  this is her daughter, Pansy.  Pansy & Tom's daughter is Lela Nell.
  • W. F. Lancaster & wife:  This is Willie Friend Lancaster and wife, Hattie Ellis.  Willie is Warren's brother.
  • Earl Lancaster:  Warren's brother. 
  • Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Loveless:  This is William Hutson Loveless and his wife, Josephine Hazel Lancaster.  William H. is actually Lela Ann's brother and Josephine is Warren's sister.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Self:  This is Herbert Self and Margaret Lancaster, Warren's sister.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Walt Fraley:  This is Walt Fraley and Pearl Lancaster, Warren's sister and Carl's twin sister.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jack Lancaster: Jack is Earl's son and wife. 
  • Mr. and Mrs. Weldon Tudor: This is Pearl's son and wife.
  • Bill Martin Hester: not sure who this is.

This obituary is full of information.  I have the names of attendee’s home towns and cities.  It shows that many moved away from Stephenville.  I will be putting this information in Legacy under Events-Residence. 

[1] “Attend Funeral for Mrs. W. G. Lancaster,” newspaper clipping, Stephenville (Texas) Empire-Tribune, 25 May 1951, p unk 

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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Treasure Chest Thursday – Ebenezer Loveless Death Certificate[1]

E. Loveless Death Certificate, 1929, Rotan Co, Texas
The last known information about Ebenezer Loveless, the father of Lela Ann Loveless (my great grandmother & Mam-ma’s mother), he was living on a farm in Precinct 1 of Erath County, Texas in 1920 with his second wife named, Malissa.[2]  I began by searching the 1930 census for his children, thinking he could be enumerated with them.  No luck.  So my initial assumption was he died before the 1930 census.  I could not find Ebenezer in Erath county death records.  Where had he gone?  It was a mystery.

When the "Texas Deaths 1890-1976" database was put online at FamilySearch, I was in seventh heaven.  This database includes images of the death certificates.  Most of my mother’s family lived in Texas for a few generations so I was able to find a lot of records.  Finding Ebenezer in this state-wide database saved me a lot of time.  Do you know how many counties are in Texas?  254.  That is a lot of counties to check death records one-by-one!

This is what I find out when I found the death certificate for Ebenezer Loveless:  
  • He was living in the town of Rotan in Fisher County. 
  • He was still married. 
  • His birth date of February 8, 1851
  • He worked as a night watchman. 
  • He died of bronchopneumonia, due to flu and general debility.  He was 77 years old and this is a common cause of death for the elderly, especially in the winter. 
  • He is also buried in Belvieu Cemetery in Rotan.

Here is a list of what to research about Ebenezer next:
  • Search through land records to see when he sold the farm the 1920 census said he had.  This might give me an idea when he moved to Rotan.
  • Find an obituary for Ebenezer.
  • Find the cemetery record for Ebenezer at Belvieu cemetery in Rotan.
  • Find a death certificate for wife, Melissa.  On a quick search in the Texas Deaths 1890-1976 database, Melissa A. Loveless was not found.  She could have remarried.  She could have moved to live with one of her children from her first marriage.  Perhaps I have to research her children, too.
  • Research the history of Rotan to see what else can be researched.  A quick glance at the Texas State Historical Association at about Rotan, stated “The Rotan Gypsum Plant was founded in 1923. A series of gins was built in the town, including the Rotan Gin, built in 1925.”  Could Ebenezer have been working at one of the gypsum plants?

I do not know much about this ancestor.  He was born in Georgia, moved to Faulkner Co, Arkansas, and then finally to Texas.  I’ll continue the story when I have some of the above questions answered.

[1] "Texas Deaths 1890-1976." index and images, FamilySearch ( accessed 14 Jul 2008), entry for E. Loveless, 1929, Fisher Co, TX, death certificate no. 2972; citing Death Records, FHL microfilm 2,073,674; Texas Bureau of Vital Statistics, Texas Department of Health, Austin, Texas
[2] 1920 U.S. census, Erath, Texas, population schedule, Prec 1, enumeration district (ED) 4, sheet 4a, p. 42 (stamped), dwelling 60, family 58, Ebbie Lovelace; digital images, ( : accessed 11 Aug 2011); citing National Archives and Records Administration microfilm T625, roll 1801.

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