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52 Ancestors – Week 3: Lydia Margaret ?? Polly (1828-1912)

Lydia is my fourth great-grandmother, the mother of Martha Jane Polly (1855-1932) who married George W. Lancaster (1839-1919).

She was also known as Liddy. I know Liddy’s birthdate of 24 Feb 1828 someplace in Kentucky and her death date of 27 Mar 1912 in Rockwall County, Texas. I know she married Nathan H.O. Polly sometime before 1850 where I first find her in a census record with two children (one born in Arkansas and the other in Texas).

But I don’t know her surname and I don’t know who her parents were.

So I need to first gather up what I do know and then make a research plan that I can try to work on while at the Family History Library later this month.

What I know about Lydia:
Let’s begin with her burial. She was buried in Rockwall Memorial Cemetery in Rockwall County, Texas.[1] There is also a photo of the tombstone posted to the Find-a-Grave memorial and the transcription is:

FEB 24, 1828
MAR 27, 1912
This trials ended
thy rest is won.
God  was thy
Ransom, thy
Guardian, thy

From this tombstone, I have a birth date of 24 Feb 1828 and a death date of 27 Mar 1912. The next step was to find the death certificate.

Death certificates are available in Texas for this time period, however one has not been found. I wrote to the Rockwall County Clerk in 2005 asking for a death record search and the reply was “no record found.” It is possible that she died in a different county from where she was buried, even though her home in the 1910 census indicated Rockwall County. However, the search in the three databases found on did not reveal any candidates close to Liddy.

I did find her in the following census records:
1910: 1st precinct of Rockwall County, Texas Liddy was listed as head of household, a widow age 82, with her daughter, Josephine Wilkerson and two grandsons.[2]  Stated she had 7 children, only 1 living.

1900: Dallas, Texas as wife of N.H.O. Polly, a minister.[3] This census indicates that they had been married 55 years. She was listed as Margaret, age 70, giving birth to 7 children, three of whom were living. She was born in Kentucky and her parents were born in Kentucky.

1880: Rockwall County, Texas as wife of Nathan Polly, farmer.[4]  Here she is listed as Rose. She was 51 years old, born in Kentucky, her father in Kentucky and mother in Tennessee. Four children, one daughter-in-law, and two grandchildren are living with them.

1870: Kaufman County, Texas as wife of NHO Polly, a Minister Gospel. [5] In this census she is listed as Lydda, age 39 and born in Kentucky. Five possible children were living with them.

1860: Montague County, Texas as wife of H.O. Polley.[6] She is listed as Lydia M., age 30, born in Kentucky. Six children lived with them.

1850: Dallas County, Texas with Baptist minister Nathan H.O. Polly and two children.[7]

First record I have found of Lydia: 1850 Dallas Co TX census

From these census records some theories can be made:
  • Lydia was born between 1828 and 1831 in Kentucky.
  • Lydia and Nathan were married about 1845 based on married 55 years in the 1900 census and the oldest child being born about 1847/48.  Were they married in Kentucky or Arkansas, where first child was born?

What I know about Nathan H.O. Polly:
Nathan H.O. Polly died 2 Nov 1902 and was buried in the Rockwall Memorial Cemetery.[8] Also from this record it was learned that he was born 27 Jan 1820.  All census records for him stated his birth was in Kentucky except the 1860 which said Maryland. He was a minister. The first place I have found Nathan Polly in Texas is in Dallas County (1850), then Montague County (1860), and Rockwall County (1870), Kaufman Co (1880), Dallas County (1900). Searching various land, court, and tax records in each of the above counties should be my strategy.

I have searched the database “Texas, County Tax Rolls, 1846-1910” on and found Nathan HO Polly in four years in Dallas County: 1851, 1853, 1854, 1855. This record set as of 17 Jan 2014, does not have Montague, Kaufman, or Rockwall county records in the index. However there are records one can browse.

So my search strategy will be to seek land, court, probate, and tax records for Dallas, Montagaue, Kaufman, and Rockwall counties.  This will help place Nathan Polly in time and place and perhaps indicate where he came from. It could be difficult as he was a traveling preacher and did not put down deep roots.

[1] "Find A Grave," database and digital images, Find A Grave  ( : accessed 9 Sep 2011), Memorial# 30073856, Rockwall Memorial Park, Rockwall TX, Lydia Margaret "Liddy" Rose Polly.

2] Texas, Rockwall Co, 1910 U.S. census,, Digital images ( National Archives and Records Administration, n.d.), T624, roll 1586, Rockwall City, enumeration district (ED) 178, sheet 4b & 5a, dwelling 90, family 92, Liddy M. Polly, accessed 22 Dec 2010.

[3] Texas, Dallas, 1900 U.S. census,, Digital images ( National Archives and Records Administration, n.d.), T623, roll 1626, Prec 7, enumeration district (ED) 143, sheet sht 2a, p. 179 (stamped), dwelling 32, family 32, N.H.O. Polly, accessed 21 Dec 2010.

[4] Texas, Rockwall, 1880 U.S. census,, Digital images ( National Archives and Records Administration, n.d.), T9, roll 1324, District 30, enumeration district (ED) 30, p. 600 (stamped), dwelling 183, family 184, Nathan Polly, accessed 21 Dec 2010.

[5] Texas, Kaufman Co, 1870 U.S. census,, Digital images ( National Archives and Records Administration, n.d.), M593, roll 1594, p. 31, dwelling 372, family 386, N.H.O. Polly, accessed 21 Dec 2010.

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[7] Texas, Dallas, 1850 U.S. census,, Digital images ( National Archives and Records Administration, n.d.), M432, roll 910, p. 93 (stamped), dwelling 305, family 314, Nathan H. O. Polly, accessed 21 Dec 2010.

[8] "Find A Grave," database and digital images, Find A Grave ( : accessed 9 Sep 2011), Memorial# 30074063, Rockwall Memorial Park, Rockwall TX, Dr. Nathaneil H. Osborne Polly.

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On This Day - Birth of Luther Edwin Johnston, 17 Jan 1918

Luther Edwin Johnston was born on 17 Jan 1918 in Comanche County, Texas.[1] His parents were Thomas Newton Johnston and Nell Hutson.

His birth record has no first name listed. Luther was called "Toofer" by family and friends.

Not named Johnston, son of Tom Johnston & Nell Hutson
When Toofer was just 18 months old, his mother died. At the time of her death, their were five children under the age of 10. Because he was so young, he was raised for a few years by his uncle, Robert and his wife, Vesta.

Toofer served in the Army during World War II and later came to California to live. He died 1 Oct 1970 at the Veterans Hospital in Martinez.

Here is a shot of Toofer with me, probably 1955.

[1] "Comanche Co Records 1858-1955,", Birth v. 4 1917-1924, no. 32, Not named Johnston,  p 9.

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Saturday Night Genealogy Fun – Where Were My Ancestors 150 Years Ago?

Randy Seaver’s instructions for this week’s Saturday Night Genealogy Fun are:
1) Determine where your ancestral families were on 1 January 1863 - 150 years ago.
2) List them, their family members, their birth years, and their residence location (as close as possible). Do you have a photograph of their residence, and does the residence still exist? How many do you have in each generation living in January 1863?
3) Tell us all about it in your own blog post, in a comment to this post, or in a Facebook Status or Google+ Stream post.
So here is my post about my ancestors, starting with my father’s side. I will ignore my husband’s side of the family.

On my father’s side:

My 2nd great-grandfather, Johan Anton Hork (1843-1906) was living in Oberhundem, Kreis Olpe, Westfalia (Germany).  His mother, Maria Catharine Trösster Hork (1813-1874) was still alive as well.

My 2nd great-grandmother, Julia Ann Sievert (1854-1928) was living with her parents, Vincent Sievert (1823-1890) and Susanna Raduntz Sievert (1832-1911) in Joliet, Will County, Illinois, USA.

My 2nd great-grandfather, John H. Sullivan (1854-1932) was living either in Eyeries Parish, County Cork, Ireland, or somewhere in the United States.  The same is probably true for his parents, Jeremiah Sullivan (1811-1888) and Mary Sheehan Sullivan (1832-1892). I have not yet found a ship list with this family on it.

My 2nd great-grandmother, Anna Marie Gleeson (1860-1912) was living in Richmond, Carleton County, Ontario, Canada with her father, John Gleeson (1835-1915) and her mother Margaret Tierney Gleeson (1835-1920).  Margaret Tierney’s parents, my 4th great-grandparents, John Tierney (1832-1891) and Ann Murray Tierney (1832-1899) were also living in Carleton County, Ontario, Canada in a community called Nepean.

On my mother’s side:

My 3rd great-grandfather, Ruben Mack Johnston (1841-1924) was living in Oakland, Yalobusha County, Mississippi in 1860 with his parents Samuel Johnston (1816-bef 1870) and Elizabeth McCormack (1814-1891).  By 1870, he was living with his first wife, Catharine Skull (not my line). I have no marriage for them so not sure when they married. Their oldest son born about 1865.   

My 3rd great-grandmother, Olivia Jane Jones (1859-1914) was living with her parents, Benjamin W. Jones (1822-aft 1860) and Amanda A. Haley Jones (1827-1904) probably in Rankin County, Mississippi, at least that was where they were living in 1860. Benjamin W. Jones was killed in the Civil War but no known date of death has been found yet.

My 3rd great-grandfather, Peter Hayden Hutson (1853-1930) was living with his parents, Robert Hutson (1821-??) and Amanda Davis Hutson (1826-??) probably in Salacoa, Cherokee County, Georgia. His parents were last seen in the 1860 census. No 1870 census has been found for Peter.

My 3rd great-grandmother, Sarah Helena Selman (1858-1916) was living with her parents, Greenlee Bean Selman (1820-1888) and Amanda Deborah Oldham Selman (1822-1880) in perhaps Cherokee County, Texas.  Greenlee Selman’s parents, Benjamin F. Selman (1795-1873) and Sarah Bean Selman (1798-1868) were also living in Cherokee Co, Texas.

My 3rd great-grandfather, A. Ebenezer Loveless (1851-1929) was living with his parents, Jesse Loveless (1806-1873) and Elizabeth Nixon Loveless (1810-bef 1880) in Cass County (now Chattooga Co) Georgia.

My 3rd great-grandmother, Eliza A. Rogers (1854-1907) was living with her parents, David Rogers (1818-??) and Rebecca Waddell (1840-??) in Chattooga County, Georgia.

My 4th great-grandfather, George Wilson Lancaster (1839-1919) was probably living with his parents, Ellis W. Lancaster (1810-1866) and Elizabeth S. Neel (1811-1881) in Kaufman County, Texas.

My 5th great-grandmother, Martha Jane Polly (1855-1932) was living with her parents, Nathan H.O. Polly (1820-1902) and Lydia Margaret ?? (1828-1912) probably in Montague County, Texas where they were in 1860.

My 4th great-grandfather, James Madison Coor (1833-1890) was living in Copiah County, Mississippi with his wife, Melissa Ann Welch Coor (1840-1876).  His mother, Ann Kethley Coor (1792-1872) also lived in Copiah County, Mississippi.  Melissa’s father, Dempsey Welch (1798-1864) also lived in Copiah County, Mississippi.

So the countdown:
4 (four) 2nd great-grandparents (Germany, Ireland, Illinois & Canada)
13 (thirteen) 3rd great-grandparents (Germany, Canada, Ireland, Mississippi, Georgia, Texas)
17 (seventeen) 4th great-grandparents (Canada, Mississippi, Georgia, Texas)
7 (seven) 5th great-grandparents (Mississippi, Texas)
2 (two) 6th great-grandparents (Texas)

P.S. The only way I could do this was to color code the generations. Whew!

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52 Ancestors: Week 2 - Eliza A. Rogers (1854-1907)

Amy Johnson Crow of No Story Too Small has created a new theme called 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks. I think it’s a great way to write about one person. This will help me see what I have and what I’m missing for additional research.
I decided for week 2 to write about Eliza A. Rogers, my gg-grandmother. For my first assignment in ProGen21, we had to create a research plan and I had created one for her. When I go to Salt Lake City later this month for a week of research at the Family History Library, I plan to do some of the proposed research.

Research Plan for Eliza A. Rogers

Objective: Who were the parents of Eliza A. Rogers (wife of Ebenezer Loveless)?
Known Facts:
  • Eliza was born May 1854 in South Carolina (1900 census) or in Georgia (1880 census) or in 1851 (tombstone).[1]
  • She married Ebby [Ebenezer] Loveless 19 Mar 1871 in Chattooga County, Georgia.[2] 
  • She died 27 Aug 1907 in Faulkner County, Arkansas.[3] 
  • She gave birth to 10 known children, all born in Arkansas [various census].

Working Hypothesis: Her parents are David Ro(d)gers and Rebecca Waddell.
  • Possible child with name close to Eliza and born between 1851 and 1853 are found in the 1860 Chattooga County census with David and Rebecca Rodgers, both born in South Carolina.[4]
  • Possible child with name and age close to Eliza found in 1870 census with mother, Rebecca Rogers and two siblings from the 1860 census. Two other brothers living nearby.[5] 
  • Family tree found online at submitted by Leigh C. Smith stated the parents of Eliza Rogers who married Ebenezer Loveless was David Rogers and Rebecca Waddell. No documentation for the relationship was stated.[6] 
Identified Sources that should be available to search:    
  • Census records: 1850, 1860, 1870 for David Rogers in South Carolina and Georgia and 1870-1900 and beyond for Rebecca Rogers and Eliza’s siblings in Georgia & Arkansas
  • Civil War Confederate records for soldiers from Chattooga County, Georgia
  • Land Records in Chattooga County, Georgia
  • Probate Records in Chattooga County, Georgia for David Rogers
  • Guardianship Records in Chattooga County, Georgia for David Rogers’ children
  • Obituary records for Eliza and her siblings
  • Marriage records for Eliza’s siblings and mother, Rebecca
  • Family trees online for clues
Research Strategy: Here is what I plan to do.  In red are the films I plan to view at the Family History Library.

  • Search for all census years for all siblings of Eliza and for mother, Rebecca, beginning with 1870
  • Search land records in Chattooga County for David Rogers and later Rebecca Rogers. When did he buy? When did she sell? Was land divided among heirs? [Deeds and mortgages with general index, direct and reverse, 1839-1902; Direct index, A-Z 1839-1937 film 337232; Reverse index A-Z 1839-1937, film 337233;]
  • Search probate for David Rogers. [on survey of films at FHL, appears that estate papers are loose and only estates up to the letter N are available both by film and online.] Need to investigate other films such as bonds, etc.
  • Search guardianship set up for minor children. [Probate records, administration and guardian letters and bonds, inventories, sales bill, vouchers, support, etc., 1865-1929, various films 337213-17]
  • Search Confederate records for enlistment for David Rogers. Search casualty records. Search for any histories of regiments or units he may have served in. [Veterans of Civil and European wars, 1861-1960, Confederate roster 1861-1863, film 337228]
  • Search marriage records in Chattooga for children of David and Rebecca: Mary, Mark, Perry, Toliver, Martha, Amanda, Emma, George. Search for possible remarriage of Rebecca.
  • Check cemetery records in Chattooga County for any of the Rogers.
  • Search for possible newspapers in Chattooga County: news of David’s death, marriage of children or mother, probate, etc.
  • Check for court records in Chattooga County, Georgia. [Inferior Court Jan 1839 - May 1867, film 337204, Ordinary Court Jun 1867 - Apr 1894, film 337205]
I hope after I return from Salt Lake City, I will have some progress to report!
[1] 1880 U.S. census, Arkansas, Faulkner Co, Hardin twp, ED 57, sht 33, dwl 261, fam 261, Ebineezer Loveless,, digital images (, citing National Archives and Records Administration, publication T9; and 1900 U.S. census, Arkansas, Faulkner Co, East Fork Township, East Fork Township, ED 29, sht 12B, dwl 201, fam 204, A. Ebenezer Loveless, digital images, ( 19 Nov 2011) citing National Archives and Records Administration, T623, n.d.).

[2] Chattooga County Marriages, Georgia's Virtual Vault (, digital images, citing Georgia State Archives, Bk 1a, 1861-1880, p 156, Ebby Loveless & E.A. Rodgers, 1871.

[3] "Find A Grave," database and digital images, Find A Grave  (, Memorial# 7491 413, Springhill Cemetery, Faulkner Co AR, Eliza Loveless.

[4] 1860 Chattooga Co, Georgia, Chattooga Valley Twp, p 565b (stamped), dwl 265, fam 265, David Rodgers, digital image, ( : accessed 14 Oct 2013), citing NARA roll M653_116.

[5] 1870 US census, Chattooga Co, Georgia, Broomtown PO, 968 Dist, p 166, p 153b (stamped), dwl 231, fam 231, Rebecca Rogers, digital image, ( : 14 Oct 2013), citing NARA M593_142.

[6] Leigh C. Smith, "Descendants of Daniel Rogers," website, My Southern Ancestors ( : accessed 14 Oct 2013), David(3) Rogers born abt 1826 & married Rebecca Waddell.

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52 Ancestors: #1 - Elizabeth Nixon

Amy Johnson Crow of No Story Too Small has created a new theme called 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks. I think it’s a great way to write about one person. This will help me see what I have and what I’m missing for additional research.
My first ancestor to write about is Elizabeth Nixon (1810-?).  She is my third great-grandmother on my mother’s side. I know very little about her:
  • Elizabeth Nixon was born around 1810 in South Carolina. I know this from several census records: 1850 in Cass Co, Georgia; 1860 in Cass Co, Georgia; and 1870 in Chattooga Co, Georgia.[1] 
  • Elizabeth Nixon married Jesse Loveless around 1828 perhaps in Greenville Co, South Carolina and their first eight children were also born in South Carolina.
  • They moved to Georgia sometime between 1843 (birth of Elizabeth Loveless) and 24 Jan 1848 when their ninth child, Jesse M. Loveless was born. (There is a big gap between these two children so there might be other children born and died before the 1850 census).
  • They moved to Faulkner Co, Arkansas sometime before late 1873. Jesse Loveless died 29 Dec 1873 in Faulkner Co, Arkansas.[2] I do not have a death date of Elizabeth but she is mentioned by name in a probate record for Jesse as the widow on 18 Jan 1876.[3]  She is not mentioned after that in any of the bound volumes available on FamilySearch. I have put in a request with the clerk of the court in Faulkner county for possible loose papers for the estate of Jesse Loveless.

  • According to a website, Mary Parthenia Medlock Nixon, (click here to view) Elizabeth’s parents might be Abner Nixon and Mary Parthenia Medlock.

I have not found Elizabeth in the 1880 census, so if she has died by then, I have narrowed her death date to between 1876 and 1880.  As of this date, there are no memorials on Find-a-Grave for Jesse or Elizabeth.
So future research at the Family History Library:
  • Look at land records in Faulkner county for when Jesse Loveless purchased land
  • Look at land records to find the disposition of the land after his death
  • Check out any court records
  • Check out tax records, 1872-1895
  • Search land, tax, court records in Bartow and Chattooga counties in Georgia
  • Search for marriage, court, tax records in Greenville, South Carolina to find the date of marriage for Elizabeth Nixon and Jesse Loveless

Perhaps one of these records will help pinpoint Elizabeth’s death.

[1] Georgia, Cass, 1850 U.S. census,, Digital images ( National Archives and Records Administration, n.d.), p 292 (stamped), fam 1665, Jesse Loveless…Georgia, Cass, 1860 U.S. census,, Digital images ( National Archives and Records Administration, n.d.), p 804, fam 9, Jesse Lovless…Georgia, Chattooga Co, 1870 U.S. census,, Digital images ( National Archives and Records Administration, n.d.), p 105, fam 133, Jesse Loveless.
[2] Faulkner County Arkansas, Estate Papers of Jesse Loveless, Letters of Administration 1873-1919, Vol A, p 4, Jesse Loveless, 1874, FHL film 1033405i1.
[3] Faulkner County Arkansas, Estate Papers of Jesse Loveless, Probate Records, 1873-1884 Vol A, p 65, FHL film 1033407i1.

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On This Day – 157 Anniversary of the Marriage of Terry Loveless and America Allen – 4 Jan 1855

Terry Loveless and America Allen were married 157 years ago today on 4 Jan 1855 in Cass County, Georgia which is now Bartow County.[1] Terry was the oldest son of Jesse Loveless and Elizabeth Nixon, born in South Carolina.  America was the daughter of James Allen and Temperance McGregor, born in Tennessee. Terry was my second great-granduncle.

Cass Co, Georgia marriage record for Terry Loveless & America Allen 4 Jan 1855
State of Georgia } To any ordained Minister of the Gospel, Judge of the
Cass County      } Superior Court, Justice of the Inferior Court, or Justice of
the Peace, You are hereby authorized to join Terry Loveless and
America Allen in lawful bonds of matrimony, agreeable
to the constitution and laws of this State. Given under my hand
and Seal of office, this 4th day of January, 1855
                                                         Thomas A. Word, Ordinary.
State of Georgia } I hereby certify that the marriage of the
Cass County      } persons named in the above License actu-
ally took place and was duly solemnized before me,
this 4 day of January 1855.
                                                  Rev. S. P. Rowland
Recorded 25th April, 1855.                            T. A. Word

Terry and America were found in the 1860 census with two children Williard, age 4 and Joseph, age 8/12.[2] America’s widow mother lived next door with 5 children. Both families were farmers, though Terry had no value in real estate.

Terry and America would have one more child, Delia, born in Dec 1862 before Terry died at Vicksburg, Mississippi in 1863 during the Civil War.[3] Here is an area for more research! I did find a muster roll for the 856th District G.M. in Bartow Co, Georgia, where Terry was listed as number 12.[4]  Also on the list were N.D. Allen, America’s brother, and D.W. Lowdermilk, who married Terry’s sister, Roxanna.

After Terry’s death, America lived with her mother, Temperance Allen until her marriage to the Reverend George H. Gilreath on 9 Jul 1890.[5] 

[1] "Georgia County Marriages 1785-1950," digital images & index, ( : accessed 3 Jan 2014), film 283520, Bartow Co Marriages Bk E, 1853-1869, p 61, Loveless-Allen, 1855.
[2] Georgia, Cass, 1860 U.S. census,, Digital images ( 3 Jan 2014), citing National Archives and Records Administration, n.d.), 85th Dist, p 111, dwelling 780, family 780, Terry Loveless.
[3] Here I only know the information from other online trees. More research is needed!
[4] Georgia, Civil War Muster Rolls, 1860-1864,” database & digital images, ( 3 Jan 2014), Terry Loveless; original data: Muster Rolls—Men Subject to Military Duty from 1860–1864. Morrow, Georgia: Georgia State Archives.
[5] "Uncle George’s Marriage,” The Courant American, Cartersville, Georgia, July 17, 1890, page 1, transcribed by Laurel Baty, Bartow County GenWeb,

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