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Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - What is Your Matrilineal Line?

Randy Seaver's "Saturday Night Genealogy Fun" is always a blast to read and do.  Today's post is about listing your Matrilineal Lines.  This is my mother, my mother's mother, her mother's mother, etc.  When one has their mtDNA tested, this is the line that is tested and whose genes are passed down to me.

Me: Lisa Suzanne Hork
My mother: Lea Nell Johnston (1934-1992)
My grandmother: Pansy Louise Lancaster - Living
My great-grandmother: Lela Ann Loveless (1896-1951)
My gg-grandmother: Eliza A. Ro(d)gers (1854-1907)

I had my grandmother tested and her halpogroup is U5.

My mother's father's matrilineal line is:
My grandfather: Tom Johnston Jr (1912-1973)
His mother: Nell Hutson (1888-1919)
His grandmother: Sarah Helena Selman (1858-1916)
His great-grandmother: Amanda Deborah Oldham (1822-1880)

I have not had this line tested.  My mother had no brothers, so I need to have one of her male cousins do the y-DNA test.

My father's mother's matrilineal line is:
My father:  William J. Hork (1930-2007)
His mother: Anna Marie Sullivan (1892-1979)
His grandmother: Anna Marie Gleeson (1860-1912)
His great-grandmother: Margaret Tierney (1835-1920)
His gg-grandmother: Ann Murray (1813-1899)
His ggg-grandmother: Jane ?? (??-1874)

This line has not been tested.  I do have two brothers who could be tested for the y-DNA.

My father's father's matrilineal line is:
My grandfather:  William Cyril Hork (1899-1967)
His mother: Julia Ann Sievert (1854-1928)
His grandmother: Susana Raduntz (1832-1911)

My grandfather had sisters who had daughters so I might be able to find candidates for mtDNA tests for the Sievert/Raduntz lines.

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

On This Day – Sarah Helena (Selman) Hutson (27 Sep 1858 – 26 Sep 1916)

     I could title this post, “On These Days,” and try to post it halfway between the 26th of September for the anniversary of her death and the 27th of September for the anniversary of her birth. 

     Sarah Helena Selman was born on 27 Sep 1858 in Cherokee County, Texas[1], probably somewhere near Rusk[2].  Cherokee County is in eastern Texas, two counties away from the Louisiana border.  Her parents were Greenlee Bean Selman and Amanda Deborah Oldham.  She was the youngest of the three children of Greenlee and Amanda.  Both Amanda and Greenlee had previous marriages, resulting in Sarah having four half-siblings.

     She married Peter Hayden Hutson in Hood County, Texas on 11 Sep 1879.[3]  They had 8 children, seven girls and one boy.  My great-grandmother, Nell Hutson, was number 4.  Three of her daughters, Lillie Violet, Myrtle, and Winnie Oda, died before reaching adulthood.  They are buried in Union Cemetery in Comanche County, where the family was now living.[4] 

Union Cemetery, Gustine, Texas;
photo courtesy of  Ken Jones, used with permission
     Sarah was called Sallie.  I don’t know very much about her.  She died 26 September 1916[5] and is buried in Union Cemetery with her three daughters and husband.[6]  She was only 60 years old.  It is difficult to read the cause of death.  It was interesting that she died in Throckmorten County, and her nephew, Noah Edwin Palmer, was the informant, not her husband, Pete.  Now there might be a story there….

     Happy 154th Birthday, Sarah Helena Selman Hutson!

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