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On This Day – The Marriage of George Alonzo Loveless & Nancy MacPherson (30 December 1906)

George Alonzo “Lon” Loveless was my great-great uncle, an older brother of my great-grandmother, Lela Ann Loveless. He was born 11 January 1876 probably in Faulkner Co, Arkansas to Ebenezer Loveless and Eliza A. Rogers.[1]  He married first to Eliza Kirby on 20 January 1898 in Faulkner Co. They had three children. She passed away on 18 April 1906. Lon then married Nancy “Nannie” MacPherson on 30 Dec 1906 in Faulkner Co.[2] Lon and Nannie had 2 children.

Here is the image of the marriage record. The transcription follows. This marriage record has five parts: the bond, the affidavit, the license, the marriage certificate, and certificate of record. They were all on one page in the Faulkner County Marriage Book K, page 272.  I have divided up the page so the transcription follows the image.

Know all Men by These Presents:  That we ____G.L.Loveless________________________ as Principal,
and __________Lee Kirby_________ as Surety, are held and firmly bound unto the State of Arkansas,
for the use and benefit of the Common School Fund of Faulkner County, in the penal sum of One Hundred Dollars, for the payment of which, well and truly
to be made, we bind ourselves, our heirs, executors and administrators, firmly by the presents.
        Signed this __29__ day of __Dec__ 1906
    The CONDITION of the above obligation is such that, whereas, the above bounden  ____G.L.Loveless   
Has this day applied to the Clerk of the County Court of Faulkner County for a license authorizing the solemnization of the Rite of Matrimony between the
said _____G.L. Loveless     and ____Miss Nannie McPherson_____  
   Now, if the saidparties applying for said license have a lawful right to the same, and if theyshall faithfully carry into effect and comply with the
provisions thereof, and shall within sixty days from the date hereof return said license to the office of the Clerk of the County Court of said County, duly
executed and officially signed by someone authorized bylaw to solemnize the Rite of Matrimony, then this obligation shall be void; but otherwise to remain
in full force and virtue. Witness our signatures of the day above written.
                                                [signed] G.L. Loveless, Principal
                                               [signed] J. L. Kirby, Surety

THE STATE OF ARKANSAS, }                       
                                                             In the office of the Clerk of the County Court of said County
__________________G.L. Loveless             of the County of Faulkner, and State of Arkansas, being
duly sworn, deposes and says that ....he is the identical person who has this day applied to me for License of Marriage......
and that ____he___has arrived at the age of ___29     years, and
______Miss Nannie McPherson________ has arrived at the age of ___18____ years, that
they, the parties for whom said application is made, are now single and unmarried and may lawfully contract and be joined in marriage.
Sworn to and subscribed before me this __29___ day of      Dec   A.D. 1906
[signed] J.H. Harhe   County Clerk.       signed G.L. Loveless

To any PersonAuthorized by Law to Solemnize Marriage--Greeting
You are hereby Commanded to Solemnize the Rite and Publish the Banns of Matrimony
between   Mr. G.L. Loveless      of    Linder  in the County of Faulkner, and State of
Arkansas, aged 29 years, and Miss Nannie McPherson of     Conway     
in the County of Faulkner, and State of Arkansas, aged 18 years, according to law, and do you officially sign and return this license to the
parties herein named.
   WITNESS my hand and official seal, this 29 day of Dec A.D. 1906
(signed) J.H. Harly County Clerk


COUNTY OF FAULKNER.     } SS                           CERTIFICATE OF MARRIAGE

I J.O. Cautrell          do hereby certify that on the 30 day of
      Dec      A.D. 1907, I did duly and according to law, as commanded in the foregoing license, solemnize the Rite and
publish the Bans of Matrimony between the parties therein named.
   WITNESS by handthis 30 day of Dec A.D. 1907
My credentials are recorded in Book _____, Page ____ }            (signed)  ______J.O. Cautrell          
   Recorder’s office _________County, Ark.                   }                           Minister of the Gospel


COUNTY OF FAULKNER.     } SS                           CERTIFICATE OF RECORD

I, J.H. Haryn, Clerk of the County Court of said County, certify that the above
License for and certificate of marriage of      G.L.   Loveless           and
Minnie McPherson were, on the ___15    day of Jan 1907
Filed in my office and the same are now duly recorded on page 272 of Book "K" of Marriage Records.
    WITNESS my had and the seal of said County, this 15 day of Jan A.D. 1907
         J.H. Haryn          County Clerk.

What is learned from this record:
--A license was taken out on 29 Dec 1906
--Lee Kirby acted as surety for the bond. [Lee was the brother of Lon's first wife, Eliza]
--G.L. Loveless was 29.  Nannie McPherson was 18.
--G.L. lived in Linder, Faulkner Co.  Nannie McPherson lived in Conway, Faulkner Co.
--G.L. Loveless and Nannie McPherson were married 30 Dec 1906 by J.O. Cautrell [though the minister wrote 1907]
--The record was filed 15 day of Jan 1907. [Note, Nannie's name was spelled "Minnie"]

[1] "WW I Draft Registration," database and images,, (, Conway, Faulkner Co, Arkansas, George Alonzo Loveless. 
[2] Arkansas, Faulkner Co, Marriage records v. K, p 272, Loveless-McPherson, 1906, film 1033400, Family History Library, Salt Lake City.

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James Loveless (1771-1846) Will & Analysis

The probate records for South Carolina and Georgia counties are available at FamilySearch.  I have been reaping records from Greenville Co, South Carolina and Bartow Co, Georgia for Loveless families.

Majority of the probate records are for collateral lines but I do have a will for James Loveless, who died sometime in between 28 Aug 1845 when he signed the will and 13 Jul 1846 when the will was recorded.[1]

James Loveless is my fourth great-grandfather, my maternal’s side of the family.

I have a typed version but I don’t remember where I got it.  However, I found this version on FamilySearch and the transcription is here:
p 215

James Loveless Will
SOUTH CAROLINA       }                             
GREENVILLE DISTRICT  }                In the name of God Amen           
     I James Loveless Senr. Being of sound and
disposing memory but weak in body and
calling to mind the uncertainty of life
and being desirous to dispose of all such
worldly estate as it hath pleased God to
bless me with do make and ordain this

p 216
my last will and testament in manner fol=
        First) I desire my executors herein
named to pay all my just debts and funeral
       I give unto my wife Linna Loveless Senr.
my home tract of land whereon I now live con=
taining two hundred acres more or less during
her life and at her death to go to my son
James T. Loveless by his paying my three
daughters that is Mary Loveless Ruth
Loveless and Linna Loveless Jr one hundred
dollars each.
     I also give my wife Linna Loveless Senr.
a negro boy named Ben and at her death
she has the liberty to dispose of him as she
may think proper. __ I also give her two
nags my black mare ?ol and my black
horse Dunk our cow and calf  two beds and
furniture a trunk and small chest and the
small cupboard one table the wheels and cards
the chairs and Kitchens furniture I also give
her my stock of hogs and my sheep my wag-
gon & gear and plantation tools.
     I also give unto my wife Linna Loveless
a Negro woman named Charlott during
her life and at her death for said negro
and her futer increase to be equally
divided between my son James T Love
=less and my three daughters Mary
Loveless Ruth Loveless and Linna Love
=less Jr.  _____    I desire that my executors
hereafter named sell the whole of the re
==sidue of my property consisting of a tract
of land containing two hundred and fifty
acres more or less and six negroes

p 217

named Jim, Abby, Bob Mary Martha and
Rachel and the whole of the balance of my
personal estate that is not heretofore dis-
posed of and that the proceeds be equally
divided between my sons William Loveless
Levi Loveless Thomas Loveless Hazle Love
less Allen Loveless and Jesse Loveless and
my daughter Elizabeth Crawford and
John Loveless’s children to come in for his
equal share in the above dividend. ----
     To each of my daughters Mary Ruth
and Linna  I have given a cow and calf a
bed and furniture I have also given
them bills of sale to a negro each and
they have some household furniture
consisting of bedsteads bed clothing a
table and crockery ware which they have
bought themselves & which is not included
above as I have no clam to them.  ----
     I also wish that the crop that's
growing on the land at my decease or
if it is gathered to belong to my wife
and that it be not sold.  ---------------------
      And lastly I do constitute and ap
point James T Loveless my son and Ira
Arnold, Executor of this my last will
and testament in testimony whereof
I have set my hand and seal this twenty
eighth August 1845 -- Signed sealed and
acknowledged in the presence of
George Gambell        }
Archibald Johnson    }                 James Loveless Senr. (L.S.)
Mason N Gambell     }

p 218

James T. Loveless &          }  Greenville dist. S. Carolina
Ira Arnold Exts                  }
Of James Loveless’ will      }
vs.                                      }  Probate of will in
The heirs of said                 }  solemn form
James Loveless dec’d        }  in the court of ordinary

   Personally appeared Archibald Johnson
and Mason N. Gambrell and after bring
duly sworn saith on said oath that the
said James Loveless late of said district
deceased sign the annexed writing an?? [in binding]
and heard him declare the same to be
his last will and testament.  The said
deponents further state, that at the time
the said testator signed and declared the
above stated he was to the best of their
knowledge and belief of said deponents
of a sound mind memory and un
=derstanding and that the said de
=ponents with George Gambrell did
at the request and in the presence of
said testator and in the presence of each other
sign the said will as witnesses. – Sworn
13th day of July 1846.
Jno Watson                      Mason N. Gambrell
O.G.D.                               Archibald Johnson

The above is all the testimony offered in the above
case none of the parties appeared to contest the
will. – It appearing that all the parties in
this state were duly cited and notified
and that those out of the state were
notified by advertisement in the Greenville
Mountaineer paper for three months
Previous to this day none of them ap
pearing to object their consent is then for

p 219

taken as confest [I think that is the word].   Ordered and decreed
that the ??m said will stand proven in solemn
form and that the same with the above pro-
ceedings be recorded --- July 13th 1846
                                    Jno Watson
                                    O. G. D.

Now that it is all typed out and easier to read, here is what I have learned from these two records:

--James Loveless wrote his will and it was witnessed on 28 Aug 1845
--James Loveless' will was proven on 13 Jul 1846
--His wife was Linna Loveless Senr.
--His sons who were living were: William, Levy, Thomas, Hazle, Allen, Jesse, James T.
--His son who had died: John. His unnamed children were also to receive a share
--His daughters living were: Ruth, Mary, Linna Junr. & Elizabeth Crawford
-- --8 negroes were mentioned: Ben and Charlott, Jim, Abby, Bob, Mary, Martha, and Rachel
--Son James T. Loveless and Ira Arnold were executors.
--He gave wife: tract of land where she lived, negro named Ben, negro named Charlott, two nags, a black mare, horse named Dank, cow & calf, two beds and furniture a trunk and small chest and the small cupboard, wheels and cards, one table, chairs, kitchen furniture, stock of hogs and sheep, wagon, and plantation gear and tools.
--land from mother was to go to James T. Loveless upon her death
--$100 each to be given to daughters Ruth, Linna Junr, & Mary Loveless paid by James T. Loveless after death of mother
--He desired the rest to be sold (250 acres land, 6 Negroes, personal estate) to be divided equally among sons, daughter Elizabeth Crawford, and children of John Loveless.
--Crop on land now was to be given to wife
--James Loveless and Ira Arnold brought will in to ordinary court to be filed
--The notice of the will was listed in the Greenville Mountaineer for three months
--No one contested the will so there were no further records.

What I don’t know from these two documents is when did James Loveless die?  It was between 28 Aug 1845 and 13 Jul 1846.  If the newspaper published information about the will for three months, then he died before April 1846.  I have seen some online trees state that he died 1 Mar 1846. What I would like to view would be copies of the Greenville Mountaineer for any reference to James Loveless. Certainly I should be able to find a reference to the will.

This will does account for all of the children I have for James and Linna Loveless.  I’m sure I learned of this family early in my genealogical research from another researcher. I am now trying to fill in the details using actual records.

My next step will be to look for land records for James Loveless. I plan to do this at the Family History Library in January. 

[1] “South Carolina Probate Records, Bound Volumes, 1671-1977,” digital images, ( : 22 Dec 2013), Greenville District South Carolina, Wills book 1840-1852, Vol. C,  p 215-219, James Loveless.

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