Sunday, May 26, 2013

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - Where Were They in 1863?

Randy Seaver of Genea-Musings has challenged us to find where our ancestors were living on 1 Jun 1863.  This was very challenging but lots of fun.  I found that I need to do land research to learn more about exactly where my ancestors were living!  I have no photos of their residences.  Here are my mother's side of the family:
  • My third great-grandmother, Elizabeth (McCormack) Johnston (1814-1891) was living in either in Oakland, Yalobusha Co, Mississippi (where they were living in 1860) or in Mount Pleasant, Titus County, Texas (where they were living in 1870).  Her husband, Samuel Johnston died sometime between 1860 & 1870, location unknown.  My second great-grandfather, Rueben Mack Johnston (1841-1924) was living in the household.
  • My third great-grandparents, Benjamin W. (1822-??) & Amanda A. (Haley) Jones (1827-1904) was living somewhere in Rankin County, Mississippi. The story told about Benjamin was he died from an illness in the Civil War.  His date or place of death has not yet been determined.  My second great-grandmother, Olivia Jane Jones (1859-1914) was living in this household.
  • My third great-grandparents, Robert (1821-??) & Amanda (Davis) Hutson (1826-??) were perhaps living in Cherokee county, Georgia, or had moved to Texas.  Since I have no death dates for either, I am uncertain as to where they were living in 1863 or if they were living.  My second great-grandfather, Peter Hayden Hutson (1853-1930) was living in the household.
  • My fourth great-grandparents, Benjamin F. (1795-1873) & Sara (Bean) Selman (1798-1868) were living in Cherokee County, Texas.  He was a farmer.
  • My third great-grandparents, Greenlee Bean (1820-1888) & Amanda Deborah (Oldham) Selman (1820-1880) were living in Cherokee County, Texas.  He was a farmer.  My second great-grandmother, Sarah Helena Selman (1858-1916) was living in the household.  She would later marry Peter Hayden Hutson.

This was a good exercise.  I have learned that I have several ancestors for whom I don't have death dates.  I also need to do more land research to find where they lived exactly.  I have no photos of their homes.

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