Sunday, February 22, 2015

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun - Four Degrees of Ancestral Separation

This theme from Randy Seaver at Genea-Musings has a weekly fun post we can all join in. This week we're to find:
"Using your ancestral lines, how far back in time can you go with four degrees of separation? That means "you knew an ancestor, who knew another ancestor, who knew another ancestor, who knew another ancestor." When was that fourth ancestor born?"
This is an interesting project. As you can see, this gets me back to an ancestor who was born in 1734 or maybe even earlier!

My maternal mother’s line:
1.    Me. I was born in 1954 and knew my grandmother, Pansy Louise Lancaster (1913-2013).

2.    Pansy Louise Lancaster (1913-2013) certainly knew her grandfather, William Carlton Lancaster (1873-1946) and probably her great grandfather, George Wilson Lancaster (1839-1919).

3.    George Wilson Lancaster (1839-1919) knew his father, Ellis Wilson Lancaster (1808-1866) and possibly his grandfather, Robert Lancaster (1784-1840) though he’d only be one years old, but they lived in the same place.

4.    Robert Lancaster (1784-1840) would have known his father, Nathaniel Lancaster (1734-1809) but I don’t know enough about his grandfather, John Lancaster (??-1770) to know whether they ever lived in the same place.

Note to self: Need to find when John Lancaster was born!

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