Monday, May 12, 2014

6 Generations of My Maternal Line

I saw a posting on Google+ from my friend Sheri Fenley where she posted a 6 generation maternal line and she said she got the idea from Lorine McGinnis at the Olive Tree Genealogy Blog, 6 generations of her maternal line.

My first thought was I don't have photos of six generations on my maternal side, but then upon checking, I decided that I do, as long as I include my two daughters.

6 generation maternal line
Eliza Rogers, Lela Ann Loveless, Pansy Louise Lancaster,
Lela Nell Johnston, me, my two daughters
Eliza A Rogers was born May 1854 in South Carolina. She married Ebenezer Loveless 19 Mar 1871 in Chattooga Co, Georgia.

Lela Ann Loveless was born 2 Apr 1896 in Faulkner Co, Arkansas. She married George Warren Lancaster 15 Dec 1912 in Erath Co, Texas.

Pansy Louise Lancaster was born 19 Nov 1913 in Erath Co, Texas. She married Tom J. Johnston 15 Dec 1933 in Comanche Co, Texas.

Lela Nell Johnston was born 21 Aug 1934 in Erath Co, Texas. She married William J Hork 19 Apr 1953 in Concord, Contra Costa Co, California.

I was born of this marriage. And my two children born of the marriage with my husband.  So that makes 6 generations!

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  1. I love generational photos like these. It's interesting to see facial similarities passed down through time. Thanks for sharing Lisa!

  2. Me, too! Glad you alerted me to this!

  3. Nice to see your maternal history in photos. And what will people look like six generation from now?


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