Saturday, September 3, 2011

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun -- Ahnentafel Roulette!

Randy Seaver’s Saturday Night Genealogy Fun has us first figure out how old our great grandfather would be now if he had lived.  Then divide that number by 4 to get our “roulette number.”  With this number, I find the ancestor with that number in my ahnentafel (ancestor) list.  Then we are to write 3 facts we know about that person.  Here’s mine:

My great grandfather is George Warren Lancaster, born 19 Jan 1893.  He would be 118 years old today if he still was living.  Divide that age by 4 and I get 29.5.  I’ll round that to 29 making my “roulette number” 29.  No. 29 in my ancestor list is Martha Jane Coor (1873-1942).

Here are 3 facts I know about Martha Jane “Doll” Coor: 
1.       Martha Jane was born 10 May 1873 in Crystal Springs, Copiah Co, Mississippi to James Madison Coor (1833-1890) and Melissa Ann Welch (1840-1976).  She was the ninth child of ten and was only three years old when her mother died.  Sometime between 1880 and 1890, the family moved to Erath Co, Texas.  Her father died in 1890. 

2.      On 19 Mar 1892 she married William Carl “Cary” Lancaster (1873-1946).  Cary & Doll had six children: George Warren, Willie Friend, Josephine Hazel, Margaret, Earl, and Pearl (the last two being twins). 

3.      Martha Jane died 15 Sep 1942 and is buried in the Upper Green’s Creek Cemetery alongside her husband, who died four years later, 17 Dec 1946. 

4.      (bonus fact) My grandmother says she was called “Doll” because she was a beautiful woman.

One thing I realize as I write this is I do not really know much about Martha Jane.  I will have to ask my grandmother for some more details.  Such as what were her hobbies?

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